Resistance Welding Materials

Prospot are able to supply a wide range of welding materials suitable for all types of resistance welding applications.

Material Type Group Type Nominal Composition % Softening Temperature degrees C Electrical Conductivity % IACS. Hardness Min VPN Typical application areas.
Hard Drawn Copper A1 99.9Cu 150 98 85 Welding fixtures, machine arms
Zirconium Copper A2/4 0.1 Zr Cu 500 92 120 Aluminium alloys, Uncoated and coated steels
Chromium Zirconium Copper A2/2 1Cr 0.1Zr Cu 525 72 120 Uncoated and coated steels
AI/O Copper (Nitrode) B20 1.1 CuAl2 O3 925 83 160 Coated steels, excellent non sticking characteristics
Cobalt Berylium Copper A3/1 2.5 Co 0.4Be Cu 500 32 200 Stainless steels, heat resisting materials
Nickel Silicon Copper A3/2 2.0Ni 0.7Si Cu 500 32 200 Stainless steels, heat resisting materials
Copper Tungsten B11 75W Cu 1000 30 220 Inserts for projection welding or for miniature welds in high conductivity materials
Molybdenum B13 99.5 Mo 1000 30 225-260
Tungsten B14 99.5W 1000 30 450

This information is for guidance only. Please speak to our technical staff for more assistance in selecting the correct materials

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